Are Big 12 road trips the nation’s toughest? Part 1

Over the last few years of watching college basketball games, it has seemed to me winning on the road in the Big 12 is more uncommon than in other leagues. Of course, it’s not easy to get a win at Kentucky, Duke or Michigan State. Siena and Wisconsin have also put together long home winning streaks.

Texas has been the toughest road environment in the Big 12 South. Source: TexasSports

But I have been curious how Big 12 teams’ home records compare to teams in other leagues. Am I being misled by the mystique and hype (Beware of the Phog, Octagon of Doom, etc.)? Or do Big 12 schools just play very well at home?

To be fair, we’ll consider conference games only. We are not trying to see if the Big 12 is the toughest league – just if the road games have been the toughest.

HOME RECORDS for the last 3 years: 2008, 2009, 2010. TOTAL

Baylor (Ferrell Center): 5-3, 4-4, 7-1. 16-8 (66.6%)

Colorado (Coors Events): 3-5, 0-8, 5-3. 8-16 (33.3%)

Iowa State (Hilton Coliseum): 4-4, 4-4, 2-6. 10-14 (41.6%)

Kansas (Allen Fieldhouse): 8-0, 8-0, 8-0. 24-0 (100%)

The legend lives. Kansas hasn't lost a home game for the last three seasons. Source: Wally Emerson Photography

Kansas State (Bramlage): 7-1, 5-3, 5-3. 17-7 (70.8%)

Missouri (Mizzou Arena): 4-4, 8-0, 6-2. 18-6 (75%)

Nebraska (Devaney): 5-3, 5-3, 2-6. 12-12 (50%)

Oklahoma (Lloyd Noble): 6-2, 7-1, 4-4. 17-7 (70.8%)

Oklahoma State (Gallagher-Iba): 5-3, 6-2, 7-1. 18-6 (75%)

Texas (Erwin Center): 8-0, 6-2, 6-2. 20-4 (86.6%)

Texas A&M (Reed): 4-4, 6-2, 7-1. 17-7 (70.8%)

Texas Tech (United Spirit): 6-2, 3-5, 3-5. 12-12 (50%)

Knee-jerk reactions: I was underwhelmed looking at Kansas State’s record. Would you have guessed they had the same home conference record last year as Colorado? I look for K-State to improve considerably at home this season.

Outside of Kansas and Texas, only Mizzou has gone undefeated at home in Big 12 play in any of the last three seasons. Source: MU

Nebraska does reasonably well at home for a program that hasn’t excelled. Colorado’s home record would be better if it weren’t for one atrocious season (2009).

In a later post, I’ll sample some schools outside of the Big 12 (of varying basketball pedigree). That way we can get a bit of a comparison.


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