Naismith Award preseason watch list

Five Big 12 players made the preseason Naismith Award watch list:

  • Marcus Morris, Kansas
  • Jacob Pullen, Kansas State
  • Alec Burks, Colorado
  • Perry Jones, Baylor
  • Kim English, Missouri

Obviously this list means nothing but what would a blog be if it didn’t talk about/put together meaningless lists. My first thought was how in the world did LaceDarius Dunn get left off. I’m not sure what the prerequisites are for being on the preseason Naismith Award watch but I can’t imagine what would keep him off. Perhaps the whole “assault that apparently didn’t happen” issue played into the decision. But there is no basketball reason that Dunn be left off the list while English is on.

Speaking of English, I’m not sure how he got on this list in the first place. It would seem that one of the mysterious Naismith “pickers” looked at the AP poll and said “Hmm, Missouri is supposed pretty good this year, let’s take the easy way out and put their leading scorer from last season on this list to cover our bases.” English is a fine player and may develop into a true primary option this season, but as of right now I have a hard time buying that he’s one of the 50 players in the country. I’d say that Laurence Bowers, Marcus Denmon and possibly Mike Dixon are ahead of him on his own team.

Pullen and Morris are no doubters and Burks did enough last year to get on this list as well. Jones is the highest-regarded incoming freshman and if his recruiting rankings are true, he may become the league’s marquee impact player. Still, I’d put Dunn on watch list over him.


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