Texas A&M warrants a closer look

Welcome to Aggieland – Home of the 6th Man.

Well, why not? A lot of hype has been generated from discussion of KU, K-State, Baylor, Texas and Mizzou. But A&M has probably accomplished more to start this season than any of those teams have.

Khris Middleton (6'7") led the Aggies with 17 points in today's win over Washington. Source: Life.com

The Aggies are now 9-1 after today’s 63-62 win at home over Washington, a team picked to lead the Pac 10. Late last month, A&M held off Temple by three points. (Temple just recently beat Georgetown.)

A&M’s balance is impressive. Most of their basic statistics won’t surprise you, but stats prior to conference play are extremely misleading due to the varied scheduled teams play. Still, they don’t rely on anyone to pour in a ton of points (as, say, UConn has so far). In today’s game, a couple of players did play more than 30 minutes. And yet the Aggies prevailed despite being 0 for 8 from three point range and the Huskies making all of their free throw attempts.

Again, the 9-1 record doesn’t suggest much regarding how well A&M will handle Big 12 play. But the Temple and Washington wins are significant victories that show an ability to win in different ways. They will likely help the Aggies’ tournament case down the road.

NEXT GAME: Saturday, Dec. 18 vs. Arkansas in Dallas


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