Two Days, Two Suspensions

It’s been a surprisingly newsworthy finals week for two Big 12 schools, and not in a good way. Two of the conference’s top teams had to suspend a player, Missouri’s Mike Dixon violated team rules, and Kansas’ Mario Little was arrested.

Looking long term, the Dixon suspension could prove to be the more costly for his team. Dixon has become the Tigers’ second best offensive option, after Marcus Denmon, and is one of the few players on the team capable of creating his own shot. Losing Dixon for an extended period of time would be a major blow to the Tigers, who will now start freshman Phil Pressey at point guard.

Luckily for Missouri, it seems Dixon’s troubles aren’t of a legal nature. More than likely, this is a short suspension imposed by Mike Anderson, something he has had to do frequently since arriving in Columbia.

For Kansas, it would appear that Little is going to be gone for some time. He was arrested last night, and the charges appear to be somewhat serious. For now, he is simply suspended indefinitely, which we can assume is going to be for a number of games at the very least.

Kansas shouldn’t miss Little too much though. They have an insane amount of depth at guard, and with Josh Selby about to make his debut, losing Little won’t make them any worse on the court.

Hopefully this is the end of disciplinary news, though if suspensions are making their way through I-70, perhaps Kansas State’s players should be on their best behavior today.


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