Jan. 4 League Poll

The poll is a compilation. 12 points for a first place vote, down to one point for a last place vote. We’ll aim to do a set of these every Tuesday or so for the rest of the season.

1. Kansas (13-0) Craig: We all knew the Morris twins were good, but Josh Selby and Thomas Robinson have added to the Jayhawks’ impressive depth. (36 points)

2. Missouri (13-1) Justin: Marcus Denmon is the Big 12 Player of the Year so far. The Tigers have only gotten better since their collapse in Kansas City against Georgetown. (32)

For Texas to win Saturday in Austin, the guards must contain UConn junior Kemba Walker (15). The Huskies beat then-No. 1 Texas last year, 88-74. Source: Austin American-Statesman

3. Texas (11-2) Greg: Michigan State isn’t as good as originally thought (yet) but Texas’ win in East Lansing still has me believing they may not underachieve like they did last year. Jordan Hamilton is a matchup problem and possibly the most potent offensive player in the conference. (30)

T4. Texas A&M (13-1) Greg: Khris Middleton is a matchup problem in the mold of Jordan Hamilton and has helped the Aggies to solid if not spectacular wins against Washington, Temple and Arkansas. (26)

T4. Kansas State (12-3) Justin: Suspensions cost them a game against UNLV, but K-State is still a really good team. Now they just have to stay out of trouble off the court. (26)

6. Baylor (9-3)  Justin: Still probably the second most talented team in the conference, they really didn’t do anything impressive all of non-conference season. (20)

7. Oklahoma State (12-2) Craig: This team is hard to figure out. Things were going great before a blowout loss at Gonzaga. Conference play opens against Kansas State and at Texas A&M. (19)

In his first year, Fred Hoiberg has led alma mater Iowa State to 13 wins in 15 games. What will conference play be like? Source: AP

8. Iowa State (13-2) Greg: There aren’t any overly impressive wins on the Cyclones record, but they have beaten a few power conference teams (albeit weak ones) and Creighton. Still, no one could have expected the Cyclones to be where they are and a .500 conference record would make Fred Hoiberg the Coach of the Year.  (15)

T9. Nebraska (11-2) Craig: The Huskers have eight wins in a row, their longest win streak with Doc Sadler as coach. (11)

T9. Colorado (10-4) Justin: Didn’t do much good, or bad, thus far. NBA scouts will be at a lot of their games though. They will pull a shocker or two at home before Big 12 play is done. (10)

T11. Oklahoma (8-6) Justin: From Blake Griffin, to this. OU even managed to lose to a team that ESPN has no logo for. (4.5)

T11. Texas Tech (7-7) Craig: The early season schedule wasn’t unreasonable, but Tech almost flunked. They came close against North Texas and New Mexico but fell short, and were predictably schooled at Washington. (4.5)

Craig’s Big 12 Poll –  KU, Mizzou, A&M, Texas, K-State, Baylor, Ok. State, ISU, Nebraska, CU, OU, Tech

Greg’s Big 12 Poll – KU, Texas, Mizzou, K-State, A&M, Baylor, Ok. State, ISU, Nebraska, CU, OU/Tech

Justin’s Big 12 Poll – KU, Mizzou, Texas, K-State, A&M, Ok. State, Baylor, ISU, CU, Nebraska, Tech, OU


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