Wednesday Night Big 12 Preview

The Big 12 finishes up non-conference play tonight, with four games, all against weak opponents. Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Colorado are all at home tonight, and all four should be able to finish the first half of the season with a win.

Missouri vs. North Alabama

The name of the Tigers’ opponent should say it all. Missouri should crush North Alabama, a team that plays in Division 2, and is clearly only coming to Columbia in exchange for a sizable check. When a team is below .500 against Division 2, odds are things are going to be real ugly against a Top 10 team in the country.

Prediction: Missouri wins easily, the end of the bench makes their final appearances of the season.

Kansas vs. UMKC

The Kangaroos will try their best to take down the mighty Jayhawks, but that probably won’t happen. Considering that UMKC lost by 15 to K-State, when K-State was without Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly, I don’t see them beating KU.

Prediction: Kansas cruises at home.

Nebraska vs. Savannah State

Big 12 play isn’t going to be terribly kind to the Huskers, so they have to enjoy playing a 2-15 team. Another boring blowout should be expected.

Prediction: Nebraska wins easily

Colorado vs. Western New Mexico

Everything I said about the NU game applies to this game as well. To be fair though, Colorado has two super talented players, so they will pull off an upset or two in Big 12 play.

The final boring night of Big 12 basketball is tonight. Saturday is the start of conference play, and there will be a ton of great games all the time.


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