Jan. 11 League Poll

Over the weekend, we saw Oklahoma State beat K-State and Colorado power past Mizzou. Out of league play, Texas fell just short against UConn and Kansas escaped at Michigan.

A (+) for improvement in our rankings over the previous week. A () for a drop.

1. Kansas Greg: They showed poise by flipping momentum against Michigan in overtime. To me it’s meaningless that Michigan could be a mediocre team: it is hard to win a game like that.  (36 points)

T2. (+Texas A&M Greg:  A win against OK-State this week would make it 12 wins a row before the Aggies get tested against three ranked teams in a row (Missouri, Texas, K-State). (31)

T2. Texas Justin: No shame in falling to UConn, especially in OT. Texas Tech a nice easy way to start Big 12 play. (31)

4. (Missouri Justin: They won’t be the last power team to lose at CU, but they need to recover quickly. Getting Kim English going would really help. (28)

5. (+Oklahoma State Justin: Impressed against K-State at home. Emergence of JP Olukemi makes them really scary. (24)

6. (Kansas State Craig: Following Stillwater loss, Wildcats face CU and Texas Tech at home, with Curtis Kelly available for the Tech game. No excuses. (20)

7. (+Colorado Greg: Colorado played like the decent squad they were thought to be on Saturday behind Burks. Beating Missouri was a good first step in getting back on track for the NCAA’s, but there is a lot of work to be done. (17)

8. (Baylor Craig: Home against OU, @ Iowa State this week before hosting the Jayhawks next Monday. You think that Kansas game film is tempting Scott Drew yet? (16)

9. Nebraska Craig: Two difficult opponents following the Iowa State win: @Missouri, @Kansas. The Huskers are 2nd in the nation in scoring defense, allowing just 52.9 points per game. (13)

10. (Iowa State Justin: They added two football players to the roster last week, which says just about all you need to know about their depth. (9)

11. Oklahoma Greg: The Sooners play a couple of tough games (at Baylor, Texas) before the schedule softens up some (Texas Tech, Colorado, at I-State) and they should have a good chance to grab a win or two. (5)

12. Texas Tech Justin: Once Pat Knight is fired in a few weeks, this team officially has nothing going for it. (4)

Craig’s Big 12 Poll – Kansas, Texas A&M, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Baylor, Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Texas Tech

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