Oklahoma – Baylor Preview

OU was overmatched in its 69-51 weekend loss to Texas A&M. Now the Sooners head down to Waco to face Baylor. The Bears took care of Texas Tech to start conference play.

The Sooners and Bears play tonight at 8 p.m.

OKLAHOMA: The Sooners collected an embarrassing 18 rebounds (to A&M’s 28). That is a combination of infrequent offensive rebounding and the Aggies shooting a good percentage. Allowing 20 out of 29 shots inside the arc to go in is not going to give OU a reasonable chance against many teams. They might have to converge on Perry Jones down low to make him work for his points. The risk is leaving LaceDarius Dunn and other teammates open for jump shots.

LaceDarius Dunn made ten 3-pointers against Morgan State, and four more against Texas Tech. Source: ShutterVoice.com

BAYLOR: If the Bears wait for unchallenged shots in their offense, they should be fine. LaceDarius Dunn is shooting 14 for 29 from three-point range in the last two games. I expect Baylor aims to go down low to Jones or another bigger player with an option to go to the basket or kick out to Dunn. They don’t have to worry about a low post threat as strong as Tech’s Mike Singletary.

Bottom Line

OU got three offensive rebounds against Texas A&M. If that number isn’t dramatically improved, this game should be an easy Baylor victory. As poorly as OU played at home, I can’t imagine they’d look much better on the road yet.

Baylor 75, Oklahoma 54


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