Last Night in the Big 12

Sometimes an underdog team can steal a home game against a conference rival, and sometimes they can lose by 30. For Texas Tech, tonight was a lot more of the latter. They fell to 0-2 in conference play, losing to the 14th ranked Texas Longhorns 83-52.

Tech was winning after the second TV timeout, but that is when Texas took over, quickly building a 16 point lead by halftime. Texas was just able to out hustle and out muscle the Red Raiders, who might be worse than I thought.

Quick thoughts

– Texas still functions better as a half court offense with Doug Balbay in at point guard, and certainly functions better as a defense, which is where they are going to win games.

– Tech freshman center Robert Lewandowski is impressive, but he got destroyed by Tristian Thompson tonight. Lewandowski has almost no back to the basket game, preferring to face up his man. He shoots a high percentage from the field either way, but a center needs to get more than five rebounds in a conference game.

– Speaking on Thompson, he’s the heart of the Texas defense. As soon as he went to the bench, the Longhorns defense started falling apart. Something to keep an eye on as the season goes on.

Baylor 74 Oklahoma 61

Didn’t watch much of this one, for good reason. Baylor looked a little sloppy at the start, but then got in a groove, which is when I turned it off. Perry Jones led the Bears in scoring with 25. Lace Dunn added 16, and Quincy Acy 15.

OU was led by Steven Pledger’s 17.

– At least we know Baylor is better than the bottom two teams in the conference, and with Iowa State up next, things won’t be tough for another week.

– OU is the most unwatchable team in the conference, they really might want to find another Griffin somewhere.


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