Jan. 18 League Poll

Now everyone’s settling into Big 12 play. Some, like Colorado and Texas A&M, have secured some nice wins already. Others, like Kansas State and Baylor, have struggled.

A (+) for improvement in our rankings over the previous week. A () for a drop.

1. Kansas Greg: They don’t have the experienced ball-handler they’ve had lately (Collins, Chalmers) and that will hurt them at some point. But they are still clearly the class of the league and looked near unstoppable against Baylor. (36 points)

2. Texas A&M Justin: The win over Missouri was impressive. We can’t wait to see them play Texas on Wednesday night. (32)

3. Texas Greg: They have a higher ceiling than Texas A&M and up until this point a stronger resume. A&M could debunk that Wednesday night though. (31)

4. Missouri Justin: They sit a notch below the first three, for now. Phil Pressey’s emergence makes them a lot scarier, though. (27)

5. (+Colorado Greg:  The Buffs showed a lot in rallying after being down early against OK-State in a classic letdown game. Taking care of business by beating I-State, Nebraska, OU and Texas Tech plus another big win might be enough to earn them a bid to the NCAA’s. (24)

6. (+Iowa State Justin: They beat Baylor without much issue, and haven’t been outmatched in a conference game yet. (19)

7. (Oklahoma State Craig: Few playmakers on the roster compared to several Big 12 opponents. Better than a blowout loss to A&M suggested, but unlikely to move much higher in the standings. (18)

8. (Kansas State Craig: They blew out Tech, but then played from behind the whole time at Mizzou. Together, those games were indicative of their surprising placement in the Big 12 pecking order. (14)

9. Nebraska Craig: We commend the solid efforts in narrow losses at Mizzou and at Kansas. It appears Nebraska will have a lot of close games again this year. (13)

10. (Baylor Greg: Baylor has a lot of weapons but a team with their length and athleticism shouldn’t have looked as helpless as they did on defense yesterday night. If they don’t have a massive turnaround they will have let down expectations two of the last three years. (11)

11. Oklahoma Craig: I’m getting tired of hearing how much the Sooners could use a senior Blake Griffin right now. And I’m not even an OU guy. (5.5)

12. Texas Tech Craig: Completely embarrassed by Texas and then Kansas State last week. If they don’t look better this week against OU and Nebraska, spot No. 12 might be their home until next year. (3.5)

Justin adds: The question as to which of these two teams is worse will be answered tonight. (Bart Scott voice) CAN’T WAIT.


Craig’s Poll – Kansas, Texas A&M, Texas, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Baylor, Oklahoma, Texas Tech

Greg’s Poll – Kansas, Texas, Texas A&M, Missouri, Colorado, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Baylor, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas Tech

Justin’s Poll – Kansas, Texas A&M, Texas, Missouri, Colorado, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Kansas State, Baylor, Nebraska, Texas Tech/Oklahoma


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