Yesterday in the Big 12

Nebraska hands out some humble pie, and Oklahoma gets by Texas Tech

Nebraska 79 Colorado 67

After two close calls against Missouri and Kansas, Nebraska returned home and got the win they’ve been so close to getting. They used 40 minutes on great defense, and some smart offensive play, to take down the previously unbeaten (in conference play) Buffaloes.

The Huskers defended Alec Burks perfectly, forcing him to take jump shots, and kept him off the foul line. Burks finished with 22 points and eight rebounds, but needed 17 shots to get to 22 points, and also committed seven turnovers. They kept the entire Colorado team out of the lane, and provided the rest of the conference with a solid blueprint on how to beat Tad Boyle’s team.

Nebraska also played smart of offense, using their considerable size advantage all night. They were hesitant at times to go inside to Jorge Brian-Diaz, but when they did Diaz scored with ease. He went 7-8 from the floor, and only committed one foul. Lance Jeter impressed at point guard, controlling the game the entire night. He scored just 10 points, but dished out nine assists and turned the ball over only twice. Toney McCray added 18.

Clearly Colorado isn’t quite the super team they played like the last three games. They were taken out of their game early, struggled to adjust, and let the refs get in their heads. Nebraska showed that they are a real tough team, and that winning in Lincoln this season isn’t going to be easy at all. Doc Sadler’s team is already playing like a Big 10 team, and that kind of defensive mentality goes a long way. They just need to be able to score, which wasn’t an issue tonight, but will continue to be their main issue all season.

Oklahoma 83 Texas Tech 74

I had no interest in watching this game, and not surprisingly very little happened. Notable for Texas Tech is that freshman center Robert Lewandowski, who has had some impressive games this season, scored just six points. He also had no rebounds, which is pretty much unacceptable from a big man.

Oklahoma was led by Cade Davis, who scored 25.


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