New developments in Mitchell case

Missouri recruit Tony Mitchell may be on his way to Columbia after all, or maybe he’s not.

Last week the Kansas City Star reported that the NCAA had ruled Mitchell ineligible for this season and Missouri appealed the ruling. But today news came out that the school was preparing to discuss the situation last week until receiving a FedEx package from one of Mitchell’s former prep school’s that could contain information that would affect the appeal.

Most likely the “magic” FedEx package is a whole lot of nothing. It would appear on the surface that the package is just part of the appeal process and not some unexpected, game-changing item. If Missouri is actively appealing the ruling then it is only logical to think they have lines of communication open with Mitchell’s former schools.

We’ll know the answer by Jan. 25, regardless of how useful the information in the package is, as that is the last day for a student to enroll for the current semester. Mitchell would be a huge shot in the arm for the Tigers if he were miraculously declared eligible.

Just because it is fun to get into “what-if’s,” how would Mitchell fit in at this point in the season? At 6-8 Mitchell clearly looks like a big but everything I have read says that he is more of a perimeter player. Still, his size and Missouri’s good depth at the guard/wing positions probably mean he’d be needed more in the paint than on the perimeter from a purely positional perspective.

From a talent standpoint he would seemingly be on the same level as Laurence Bowers or Ricardo Ratliffe, but from what I know of Mike Anderson (and any coach really), Mitchell would really have to earn his minutes and probably wouldn’t see more than limited action (if at all) for a few weeks. This is mostly because Mitchell hasn’t been practicing with the team.

I would think that he’d eventually phase Steve Moore out of Anderson’s rotation and be the first big off the bench. But that is ¬†assuming Anderson starts his five best players which he hasn’t been lately, electing rather to bring Bowers off the bench.



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