Jan. 25 League Poll

Texas had a great week, beating A&M and KU both by double digits. In our first three polls, the Jayhawks were a unanimous No. 1. Also, Colorado stumbled and Okie State looked vulnerable too. Are the NCAA-worthy teams distinguishing themselves?

A (+) for improvement in our rankings over the previous week. A () for a drop.

(+) 1. Texas Greg: I still think Kansas is the better team, and if the two teams played 10 times the Jayhawks would win at least 6 times. But the Longhorns had a historic week with their streak-busting win in Lawrence and a beatdown against A&M. (36 points)

() 2. Kansas Craig: Saturday, Jordan Hamilton and his Longhorn teammates made the bigger plays and the tougher shots. And  now KU undergrads know what a home loss looks like. (33)

(+) 3. Missouri Greg: The Tigers took care of business, winning by large margins against K-State and I-State. They aren’t as complete or dominant as those margins would suggest, but they are rounding into a solid team. (29)

() 4. Texas A&M Justin: Now we know their weakness, it will be interesting to see how many teams exploit it.  (28)

(+) 5. Kansas State Craig: K-State supporters can breathe again following sloppy Big Monday win over Baylor. The rest of us were holding our noses. (24)

() 6. Colorado Greg:  The Buffs took a major step backward by losing to Oklahoma. The Nebraska loss (in Lincoln) is excusable, but there is no reason they shouldn’t have been able to take care of business against the Sooners. (20)

(+) 7. Baylor Justin: Still can’t figure this team out. So up and down. (16)

T8. Nebraska Greg: It appeared the Huskers were set up for a nice week with their midweek win over Colorado. But they dropped a game in Lubbock which washed out anything they had gained. (15)

T8. Oklahoma State Craig: Just an overtime win against the Cyclones is keeping us from panic mode (and Okie State from a four-game losing streak). In conference road games, the Cowboys are averaging 59 points per game. (15)

T10. Oklahoma Justin: Hey! 2-0 this week. I honestly didn’t think they had it in them. (7)

T10. Iowa State Craig: Perhaps the coach-Mayor Fred Hoiberg is preparing for next year, when he’ll have lots of new talent. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense to play a short rotation of tired regulars in Columbia against fast-paced Tigers. (7)

12. Texas Tech Justin: A win! What’s happening here? (4)

Craig’s Poll – Texas, KU, Mizzou, A&M, K-State, Nebraska, Colorado, Okie State, Baylor, I-State, OU, Tech

Greg’s Poll – Texas, KU, Mizzou, A&M, K-State, Colorado, Baylor, Okie State, Nebraska, I-State, OU, Tech

Justin’s Poll – Texas, KU, A&M, Mizzou, K-State, Colorado, Baylor, Okie State, Nebraska, OU, Tech, I-State


One Response to Jan. 25 League Poll

  1. JustinB says:

    I feel totally vindicated for picking Iowa State last now. Who cares that I did it as a joke.

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