Tony Mitchell Not Coming to MU

After months of speculation, and a whole lot of silence from both school and NCAA officials, we finally have a resolution to the Tony Mitchell saga. He’s not eligible to play Division I basketball, and will never be suiting up for Missouri.

Here is the official statement from the NCAA, which does a nice job of spelling everything out. Mitchell’s grades were always very shaky, and while Missouri did their best to get him eligible, it wasn’t in the cards.

Apparently Mitchell will try to enroll at North Texas, where he won’t be able to play this season anyway. He can change his status by going to school there for one year, though his professional prospects make it unlikely he ever plays college basketball now. There will be plenty of opportunities for him to play overseas, and the NBA D-League is also an option for him. Perhaps Mitchell will continue to try to play some form of college ball, but he certainly has other, much more lucrative options.

Thankfully this long, drawn out saga is over now. Missouri misses out on a big time recruit, but this late in the season his impact would have been minimal anyway. Time for everyone to move on.


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