Feb. 1 League Poll

So far this season, if the eyes of Texas are upon you, you’re about to lose a conference game. The No. 3 Longhorns (19-3, 7-0) embarrassed Texas A&M Monday night even more thoroughly than in their first matchup. This followed a comfortable home win over No. 14 Missouri.

This week, Nebraska prepares for No. 2 Kansas and Kansas State. The Jayhawks bounced back Saturday night with an easy victory over the Wildcats in Lawrence.

In addition to point totals from the vote, we’ve included how each team has moved through the power poll over the four prior weeks.

1. Texas Justin: Not just the best team in the conference, right now they are the best team in the country. (36 points, 3-T2-3-1)

2. Kansas Greg: The Jayhawks survived a tough road test in Colorado and spanked a Kansas State team in disarray. It was sort of a ho hum week for another Big 12 team that will likely go far in the tournament. (33 points, 1-1-1-2)

3. Missouri Justin: They got a big wakeup call Saturday night, and now have to take care of lesser teams and get back on track. (30 points, 2-4-4-3)

4. Texas A&M Greg: The schedule eases up in a major way for the Aggies, and because of that they should be able to rebound from the rough stretch they’ve experienced. (27 points, T4-T2-2-4)

(+) 5. Nebraska Craig: Give the Huskers credit for staying true to their low-scoring, methodical identity. They’ve yet to lose by double digits in Big 12 play. The only other team that can say that is UT. (24 points, T9-9-9-8)

(+) 6. Baylor Justin: Scott Drew’s team needs a big upset or two to get back into the NCAA conversation. (20 points, 6-8-10-7)

(+) 7. Oklahoma Justin: Very quietly sitting at .500 in conference. Hell of a coaching job going on. (18 points, T11-11-11-T10)

() 8. Colorado Craig: Buffaloes are on a cold streak lately. Toughest games are still ahead (@ Mizzou, @ Kansas, Texas) (15 points, T9-7-5-6)

(+) 9. Texas Tech Greg: Three wins a row might be the beginning of Pat Knight’s job being saved. It’s going to take a major upset in the next few weeks, however, to keep that sentiment rolling. (11 points, T11-12-12-12)

() 10. Oklahoma State Greg: It’s looking like a nondescript season for the Cowboys. It’s a shame they couldn’t grab an emotional win in last week’s game against Texas.  (10 points, 7-5-7-T8)

() 11. Kansas State Craig: Wally Judge left the team, and each week K-State’s season looks more and more like a stunning disappointment. (7 points, T4-6-8-5)

() 12. Iowa State Craig: Expect a lot of close losses from I-State this season. Frustrating, but this is what everyone expected all along. (3 points, 8-10-6-T10)

Craig’s Poll – UT, KU, Mizzou, A&M, Nebraska, Baylor, Colorado, Oklahoma, Ok. State, K-State, TTech, I-State

Greg’s Poll – UT, KU, Mizzou, A&M, Nebraska, Baylor, Oklahoma, Colorado, TTech, Ok. State, K-State, I-State

Justin’s Poll – UT, KU, Mizzou, A&M, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Baylor, TTech, Colorado, Ok. State, K-State, I-State


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