Will Saturday help separate middle of the pack?

Right now, think of the bottom half of the league standings like rush hour traffic. Lots of cars are coming from multiple directions, trying to go one way, but it’s unclear who will get ahead and stay there.

Texas (7-0) and Kansas (6-1) are alone at the top. At this point, they are unlikely to be caught, especially considering they are probably the two best teams in the Big 12 anyway.

Texas A&M and Oklahoma are 4-3. The Aggies will be favored to beat Baylor at home Saturday. OU is in Stillwater to face the Cowboys.

Baylor and Colorado are 4-4. Both these teams are ice cold. CU has lost four straight and even though Missouri is struggling, the Buffs will have a tough game in Columbia. 

Missouri and Nebraska are 3-4. The Huskers keep playing close games, including at Kansas, who they’ll host in a rematch Saturday.

Oklahoma State, Kansas State and Texas Tech are 3-5. We kind of left the Red Raiders for dead a couple weeks ago, but they’re playing much better. Okie State got a big win against Mizzou last night, and K-State continues to tread water. The Wildcats should get a win in Ames on Saturday, but it won’t be easy because I-State plays well at home.

Even if all the favorites won Saturday, the picture wouldn’t be much clearer. A&M would be in third at 5-3, then it’d be Oklahoma and Missouri at 4-4, followed by four teams at 4-5 (Colorado, Baylor, Okie State and Kansas State).

Nebraska would be 3-5 in 10th place, followed by Texas Tech at 3-6 and finally I-State at 1-8.

Team I expect will trend upward in the next few games: Texas A&M

Teams I expect to be hit and miss: Colorado, Missouri, Kansas State

Teams I expect will trend downward: Oklahoma, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Texas Tech, Iowa State


2 Responses to Will Saturday help separate middle of the pack?

  1. GPM says:

    Funny because I thought the pecking order had been revealed before yesterday’s games: UT/Ku, then Mizzou/A&M with a slight drop to Nebraska, followed by Baylor/CU/K-State and then the other four. Whoops.

  2. Craig T says:

    Haha yeah. I still think Missouri and Texas A&M are the third and fourth best teams – their records should improve in the next two weeks with some beatable opponents.

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