Feb. 8 League Poll

Kansas and Texas have kept winning and still have opportunities to earn an NCAA No. 1 seed. That’s a long way off though, which is good for the rest of the league. Who are the likeliest tourney participants? A&M and Missouri? Baylor and K-State? Nebraska, Colorado or Okie State? Plenty of time remains.

1. Texas Justin:  I still think they are better than any other team in the country. (36)

2. Kansas Greg: The Missouri game showed how many weapons the Jayhawks have, even with their future lottery pick sitting on the bench. (33)

3. Missouri Craig: The Tigers should win their next four games. Their lack of interior depth was painfully obvious in Lawrence. (28)

(+) 4. Baylor Justin: Don’t look now, but they do have the talent to take down a Kansas or a Texas, especially inside. (27)

() 5. Texas A&M Craig: A win against Baylor would have allowed the Aggies to pull away from the middle of the pack, but the Bears prevailed in overtime. Road games against Colorado and Texas Tech are both winnable. (26)

(+) 6. Kansas State Greg: Just when it looked like the Wildcats had some momentum (two straight wins), they are mired in another off-the-court issue with Curtis Kelly. (19)

(+) 7. Oklahoma State Justin: Won their last two, and still have an outside shot at sneaking in to the NCAA tourney, just need a big resume upset to help them out. (18)

() 8. Oklahoma Greg: Jeff Capel has done a great job this season but it looks as if the Sooners may have already hit the high point in their season. Still, if they can get to six or seven conference wins it would be a successful campaign. (14)

9. Colorado Craig: The Buffaloes were surprisingly uncompetitive at Missouri. With that effort, they won’t beat Texas A&M or Kansas State either. (13)

() 10. Nebraska Justin: They will play you tough, but they really need to be in the Big 10 for their style to translate into wins. (9)

11. Texas Tech Craig: Tech’s fate might be sealed in the next three games against Texas A&M, @ Missouri and @ Baylor. (6)

12. Iowa State Greg: Diante Garrett is the iron-man of the Big 12: he has played 40 minutes five times this season and has played at least 33 minutes in every conference game. (3)

Craig’s Poll – Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Texas A&M, Baylor, K-State, Colorado, Ok. State, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas Tech, I-State

Greg’s Poll – Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Baylor, Texas A&M, K-State, Ok. State, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, Texas Tech, I-State

Justin’s Poll – Texas, Kansas, Baylor, Texas A&M, Missouri, Ok. State, Oklahoma, K-State, Colorado, Nebraska, Texas Tech, I-State


2 Responses to Feb. 8 League Poll

  1. JustinB says:

    I feel like three is too generous for Mizzou, though I’m obviously way down on them. It’s such a shame the conference has become a total clusterfuck, because ranking these teams is almost impossible.

  2. Craig T says:

    Yeah I have a feeling that beyond the Top 2, our poll is going to start looking like the ones back in January as everybody’s schedule balances out.

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