Feb. 17 League Poll

Kansas’ surprising loss at Kansas State gives Texas a two-loss conference lead with six games to go. This would be the first season in six years where the Jayhawks did not win at least a share of the conference regular season title.

1. Texas (22-3, 10-0) Craig: The Longhorns pushed past Baylor for their tenth straight win. They are the nation’s 6th best rebounding team. With their toughest games behind them, an outright conference title (their first since 1999) is likely. (36)

2. Kansas (24-2, 9-2) Greg: The Jayhawks looked like they sorely missed Sherron Collins and his calming presence on Monday night. That being said, that loss could end up being the best thing that happened to them if it leads to some maturity and focus. (33)

3. Missouri (20-6, 6-5) Craig: The defense was unimpressive in the Tigers’ 92-84 win over Texas Tech, who were still productive in getting two straight wins. How well will Mizzou play on the road Saturday in Ames? (29)

T3. Texas A&M (20-5, 7-4) Justin: Road wins are hard to get in the Big 12, and they got two last week. (28)

5. Baylor (17-8, 6-5) Greg: Other than Texas Tech (which has played better of late), the Bears don’t have an easy game left on the schedule. They played hard against Texas, so I have hope they’ll grab a couple wins in their last five games and bolster their resume. (24)

6. Kansas State (17-9, 5-6) Justin: For one night, all was right with the Wildcats. (21)

7. Colorado (16-10, 5-6) Greg: The Buffaloes are 2-6 in their last 8 games, which is no way to be trending when your resume comes before the selection committee. But they have a big opportunity against Texas at home to grab a K-State-esque win to revive them. (18)

8. Nebraska (16-8, 4-6) Craig: The Huskers happily claimed a tossup game with a 65-54 win against Oklahoma State. Will their slow pace work better Saturday against Texas than it did against Kansas? (14)

T8. Oklahoma State (16-8, 4-6) Craig: Unless they win at Texas or at Kansas, the Cowboys will have at least eight conference losses by this time next week. That doesn’t bode well for NCAA chances. (13)

10. Oklahoma (12-12, 4-6) Justin: I want to fast forward to next season, just to see if they are a threat. (9)

11. Texas Tech (11-15, 3-8) Justin: I’ll give Pat Knight credit. He doesn’t have much talent, but his team has really improved the last month. (6)

12. Iowa State (14-11, 1-9) Craig: The Cyclones should have a better game against Missouri this time around, especially if more people get to play. (3) 

Craig’s Poll – Texas, KU, Mizzou, Texas A&M, Baylor, K-State, Colorado, Nebraska, Ok. State, OU, Texas Tech, I-State

Greg’s Poll – Texas, KU, Mizzou, Texas A&M, Baylor, K-State, Colorado, Nebraska, Ok. State, OU, Texas Tech, I-State

Justin’s Poll – Texas, KU, Texas A&M, Mizzou, Baylor, K-State, Colorado, Ok. State, Nebraska, OU, Texas Tech, I-State


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