Look in the mirror, BYU and Mizzou

This Andy Katz article (although filled to the brim with unnamed sources) says that BYU, along with Arkansas, were the first schools Big 12 officials called about expansion.

This is by no means surprising, and Craig wrote a good article discussing what BYU would bring to the conference and how likely it is they would come.

As I looked over BYU’s basketball history and stats, something jumped out at me. BYU and Mizzou are the same program. Okay maybe not exactly the same, but interestingly similar based on the raw stats.

BYU has 1,640 total wins good for 15th best among all schools. Mizzou isn’t far behind at 34th best  with 1,499 total wins.

The most interesting similarity must be a matter of major frustration for fan bases of either school. Both clearly have a lot of wins but neither has ever won an Elite Eight game.

BYU has the most wins without reaching a Final Four, and Mizzou has the third most. Somehow Alabama has shifted enough focus away from football to squeeze between the two with 1,524 wins.

As you’d expect they have been in a similar number of NCAA tournaments (24 for Mizzou; 26 for BYU). The Cougars, however, don’t have a “legendary” coach in the mold of Norm Stewart and his 600+ wins, although as we’ve seen the results have been the same through the years.

Current BYU coach Dave Rose has an unbelievably impressive 159 wins since 2005, so perhaps he is beginning a stretch like that. But that’s just crazy talk because Rose is 54 and will be a hot commodity if he keeps the success up. (Side note: He was winning games before Jimmer was there.)

This all means nothing, I just found it interesting and maybe you will too.


2 Responses to Look in the mirror, BYU and Mizzou

  1. Craig T says:

    For the record, Mizzou holds a comfortable lead over BYU in player suspensions over the last 5 years. Apparently, part of MU’s “honor code” forbids entering a bar after the coach expressly said not to and getting in a fight there.

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