Haith admits he’s (probably) screwed

About a month ago I wrote about the mess Missouri finds itself in with Frank Haith. I don’t want to condemn a guy who hasn’t “officially” done anything wrong, but the situation is what it is.

One of the realities that situation is that Haith is at a serious recruiting disadvantage. And this couldn’t come at a worse time for him or Missouri as he has to restock a program that has six expected scholarships coming open after this season.

Haith admitted that he’s been feeling the strain on the recruiting trail while making his first public comments since the Miami mess hit the fan:

Even so, his denial of the accusation was a public first on a matter that will linger at least until it’s cleared up by the NCAA.

For instance, Haith said he is dealing with it constantly when recruiting.

“I don’t wait for it to come up. … It’s the elephant in the room,” he said. “Everybody knows it, and obviously … coaches of other schools are using it against us.”

Recently Missouri recruits Travis Jorgenson and Tyrek Coger have said they have faith Haith and his staff will be around for awhile. If you take their comments at face value then it would appear Haith has at least found someway to combat the uncertainty. But trusting anything Coger has to say at this point is risky.

After adding transfers Earnest Ross (Auburn) and Keion Bell (Pepperdine) early in the summer, Haith assured himself of at least some semblance of upperclassman stability for his second season in Columbia, if it gets that far. But to win over an astronomically skeptical fanbase he’ll still have to put together a solid class of high schoolers.

He’s at least admitted this will be a challenge.


3 Responses to Haith admits he’s (probably) screwed

  1. Craig T says:

    Missouri holds an unhappy combo of a coach who has been linked to a troublesome situation and additionally has sparse coaching success. My take on recruiting is you can’t be sure of anything until you get a letter of intent, so we’ll have to wait a while to see any results of Haith’s recruiting.

  2. JustinB says:

    Haith will have to solve this by starting to recruit players who can’t read yet. Sure, he has nobody signed for 2011, BUT LOOK AT THAT LOADED CLASS OF 2019!!!!

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