Missouri Crushes Truman State

Some notes and observations from last night’s Missouri exhibition game vs. Truman State.

Tiger fans are going to go through and adjustment period, this is not The Fastest 40 Minutes in basketball. It was strange to see virtually no pressing defensively. Stranger still was that Missouri didn’t really push the ball up the court off of turnovers. Not that those are good or bad things, just something that looks a lot different from what I’m used to seeing.

Marcus Denmon is obviously a star player. He’s more confident already, and is clearly primed for a monster senior year.

Frank Haith wants to work his offense from the inside back out, which means Ricardo Ratliffe has to be on all season long. Getting rebounds and staying out of foul trouble is most important, the scoring will take care of itself. Ratliffe has a solid arsenal of post moves, and hopefully can command some double teams, which will open up the Missouri shooters.

Missouri fans are starting to buzz about Kadeem Green, and I can see why. He’s got a ton of length and athletic ability. If he can carry his early rebounding success over to the Division 1 competition, Missouri will miss Laurence Bowers a little less.

Mike Dixon played off the ball quite a bit, which I really like. I thought some of his best minutes last year came when he played with Phil Pressey running the offense.

Missouri plays their final exhibition game on Monday night against Central Missouri. The regular season opener is Friday night against SEMO.


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